Advantages of Working with a Bookkeeper


Financial Accuracy & Organization

It's so important that your financial data, including income, expenses, invoices, and receipts, are properly recorded and organized. With organized data and financal reports you can make informed business decisions, and understand the financial health of your company & Maximize your tax savings


Time & Cost Efficiency

You and your team are busy, bookkeeping may not be your area of expertise. We want to save you valuable time and resources. As a business owner, managing financial records can be time-consuming. When these tasks are efficiently handled, it allows you to focus on core business activities and strategic planning. 


Compliance & Tax Preparedness

Rules, rules, rules! Bookkeeping ensures financial records adhere to governmental standards, reducing the likelihood of penalties or audits due to errors or non-compliance.  However this also means you have the oportunity to maximize deductions, or minimize tax liabilities.


1. Set up

QuickBooks setup

Chart of Account customization

 Adding transactions


Reviewing financial reports

    One time service, transitions to Monthly Bookkeeping(Ideal for clients without bookkeeping setup or those transitioning to QuickBooks.)

2. Monthly Bookkeeping

Data entry and transaction categorization


Reviewing financial reports

(Ongoing support for maintaining updated and accurate books.) 

3. Catch up

 Data entry and transaction categorization


Reviewing financial reports

One time service transitions to Monthly Bookkeeping

(For clients who've fallen behind on their bookkeeping.) 

After reviewing your books you will recive a custom proposal including service price via client portal.

    -Servicios disponibles en español. 

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