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     Ledger Resource is a virtual bookkeeping firm. Our work reflects truth, accuracy, compliance, and your empowerment to lead with confidence and prioritize the most important things in your life and business.


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Irma G


    I'm Irma G, a first-generation Mexican American, and I proudly speak Spanish! I'm about choosing peace, health, and providing for our families, all while breaking negative generational cycles.  

    My journey into the world of bookkeeping began in 2022 when I started learning to assist my husband with his business. Despite having a full-time role as a dental assistant – a field I dedicated eight years to – I realized the changing needs of my family. Bookkeeping emerged as the solution that not only allowed me to contribute to my husband's endeavors but also gave me the flexibility to be present for my family.

    I've dedicated countless hours to expanding my knowledge and skill set that now I am a Quickbooks ProAdvioser. While I may be newer to the field, I am very confident, for the moments I am not I have exceptional mentors, abundant resources. With a solid track record and eight years of self-motivated work, I hold myself to the highest standards. I believe in delivering nothing short of the best work and service.

    My personal goal with Ledger Resource extends beyond numbers. It's about empowerment – empowering myself and others to be the architects of our lives and work.

Let's work together, I'd love to learn about you and your and business. Send me a message or book a call today, and let's explore the possibilities!

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